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Silent Depression

Silent Depression

Today billions of people are suffering from depression. According to World Health Organization, almost 350 million people are depressed but this is the number which is reported as depressed, there are many more people who remain silent and pretend to be normal but actually they are suffering from depression.

In this article we will focus on what silent depression is and why it become so unnoticed? Why people are hiding to face this and how it differs from classic depression?

What Silent Depression is?

A form of Silent Depression in which symptoms are not as visible and severe as in other forms of depression but are more critical and long lasting than normal depression because of hiding it.

Symptoms may last for at least 2 years after it has been diagnosed therefore considered to be “High functioning Depression” or “Persistent Depressive Disorder”. People suffering from Silent depression perform their daily tasks but are Numb and does not fell enjoyment or happiness. These people often remain to be silent and alone, resulting in suicidal risks.


Common symptoms that people have

  • Insomnia
  • Low energy
  • Low self esteem
  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Concentration difficulties

Why Silent Depression is Unnoticed?

Silent depression is so hard to diagnose because

  • Its symptoms are less visible and severe than other forms of depression
  • Individuals suffering from this tend to be normal by hiding their feelings
  • Affected people can perform their daily tasks so accurately pretending to be “High functioning”
  • These type of people love to be alone and cannot express their situation or feelings with anyone

So these are some reasons that no one can notice it and by time it become so severe. So if you notice these type of symptoms in anyone kindly help them by giving proper attention, love and professional treatment.

How to identify someone having Silent Depression?

Following symptoms are found in people having silent depression

  • Constant feeling of hopelessness and sadness
  • Lack of interest in activities which were at once enjoyable
  • Weight fluctuations with reduced appetite or over eating
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Difficulties in making decisions, concentrating and completing daily tasks
  • Low energy and constant fatigue
  • Reduced self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness
  • Numb to emotions and life
  • Undiagnosed problems such as pains
  • Losing interest from school or work activities
  • Restlessness, impatience and emptiness even they don’t express it

Why people are hiding Silent Depression?

Many people are hiding their disease because of many reasons some of these are as follows:

Lack of Awareness

  • Silent depression gradually affects an individual therefore they are unaware of its results that how it can badly affect their life
  • They are not serious about the disease and its after results because they actually don’t know about what depression is

Distrust of Healthcare Professionals

  • Some are afraid to disclose depression to healthcare workers, especially if they have a history of suicidal thoughts or self-harm
  • Negative past experiences with medical professionals who didn’t recognize their symptoms or treat them with respect makes some reluctant to seek help

Desire Not to Be a Burden

  • Many with depression worry that their symptoms will overwhelm others and they will become a burden to loved ones
  • They may rationalize that they are doing okay and have nothing to feel depressed about

Stigma and Shame       

  • Because of stigmas and preconceptions, mental health disorders are associated with a great deal of shame
  • People feel embarrassed and ashamed to admit they are struggling with depression
  • Historically, mental illness has been considered a weakness, especially among men

Avoidance of Medication

  • Many affected person don’t want to use antidepressant supplements because of their side effects such as sexual dysfunction resulting in severe results

Perfectionism and Escape

  • Keeping busy at work, school or home is seen as a form of escape that keeps intrusive depressive thoughts at bay
  • Appearing overly happy or making small talk allows them to avoid judgment from others about their depression

How Silent Depression differs from other type of Depression?

Silent depression is a type of depression and it differs in many aspects such as:

Difficult to Diagnose:

The symptoms of silent depression are less common so that individuals may take a long time to recognize the main problem. Doctors also take too much time to find out the actual problem by deeply discussing it with a patient

Hidden symptoms:

As in other type of depression people are clear with symptoms like sadness, hopelessness, lack of interest but in silent depression people are hiding their feelings deep down and pretend to be normal

Internalized symptoms:

The pain of silent depression is so deep and internal that sufferers may not express it with anyone. Therefore they are cut down from the outside world by controlling their emotions

Less visible impairment:

Compared to typical depression, the impairment resulting from silent depression is less obvious to others because the symptoms are concealed. For a while at least, the person might still be able to continue with their job, relationships, and everyday activities. This may impede the condition’s diagnosis and subsequent treatment.


Silent depression has many other types depending on how people cope with it like High functioning Depression in which the person is so efficient that he/she can perform each and every task so perfectly while in Smiling Depression the person have a happy face with a smile and pretends to be happy in front of others therefore, it is very difficult to deal with it


Silent depression is that condition which is not expressed and it’s unpredictable through the person behavior. Patients with silent depression may face:

  • They used to hide their feelings and emotions
  • They combat with their internal sadness and loneliness feelings
  • Loss of appetite, headache, fatigue and insomnia are some common physical symptoms of silent depression
  • They usually avoid social gatherings as they feel it difficult to interact with others because of shame, shyness and fear

It’s very crucial to recognize silent depression and offer support to those who are combating with this struggle. Silent depression changes person behavior their mood, making them angry sometimes abusive and even makes them very introvert.


1: Is Silent Depression Common?

Silent depression is very common for sure. In U.S CDC estimates that about 4.7% of adults face depression and this percentage represents only those individuals that are aware of what depression is and they report that. The actual rate of depression prevalence is very high which includes those that are unaware of the term depression and are facing this problem silently.

2: Why is Silent Depression Hard to Recognize?

It is very difficult to pinpoint the symptoms of silent depression because these symptoms are very delicate and patients try to hide depression. Here are some reasons why people try to hide depression:

  • In the initial days’ depression symptoms get un-noticed
  • Patients lack trust in their physicians and there is great fear of repercussions
  • Depressions comes with overthinking. Patient fells like he/she may get distanced from children and there may be a chance of losing a job
  • In depression the person gets stubborn to not take medications

3: Is the U.S. in a “Silent Depression”?

While this is a big question that is US really in a Silent Depression because many Tik Tok creators have experiencing US in a Silent Depression as severe as the Great Depression. But the point of view of many economist is totally different and they are not willing that US is in a depression although they have some financial issues but according to them, the economy of US is resilient and have strong growth indicators. Many Americans have strong financial positions and their life style is more improved and advanced than ever before because there are much economic opportunities therefore these challenges are on smaller scale and can be resolvable.

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